Discounts and Sales

People look for essay writing services for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason could be that they feel they lack the knowledge or are short on time. Regardless of the reason, students always find solutions by looking for cheap essay writing service online. The numbers of essay writing services have increased in the recent past presenting customers with favourable avenue for buying essays. See essays reviews to find discount codes. Competition has increased leading to the standardization of the prices. In a bid to outdo the competition, some essay writing companies have introduced special discounts and other special offers which are designed as a lucrative offer to the customers. This piece will seek to look at some of the best essay writing companies in the industry and attempt to analyze their pricing, discount offers and other special offers.

Companies offering cheap essay writing services

The fact that a student is involved in this process means that the pricing of the service should be considerate. As a student, no one wants to spend all their money writing up an essay paper. For thus reasons, most essay writing services have standardized their prices to be in line with a student’s budget. Here is an analysis of some of the best essay writing service.

One thing that is for a fact is that offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry. What this actually means is that customers get the best prices for high quality essays. They offer different essay writing packages that are suitable for any other budget. If you are operating on a budget, there is a plan suitable for you. Those who have some extra cash can also benefit from the premium packages on offer.
As opposed to companies that start their offers at $22 per page, charges their customers $19 per page. Most of their writings are based on the selected quality standard. The options available for the customers include: standard, premium and platinum quality. The pricing stays between $19 per page and $52 per page through the levels.
Just like any other online essay writing company, placing an order early will save you a great deal of money as opposed to going for urgent orders. In addition to their reasonable prices, also offers lifetime discounts of up to 15% if a customer orders more that 100 pages. A number of free add-on services are also available to their esteemed customers.

If you are looking to get cheap essay writing service, then is the place to go. Students across UK have found it favourable to place their orders with the service because they consider it cost effective. Most of their good quality orders start at £11.99 per page. When placing your order, it very important to consider the delivery time as it has a tendency of impacting greatly on the pricing. For a paper that requires 3 hours will cost you £46.99 per page.
Discounts are also offered even when the deadline is short. If you sign up with, you are automatically given a discount of 25%. For lifetime discounts deal, you can enjoy up to 15% of saving.
25% discount using ‘college25′

The prices charged here are reasonable enough to have you ignoring other essay writing services. Their starting price is set at $19.99 for different types of papers. Papers can be ordered in three different levels including: standard quality, premium quality and platinum quality. The rates tend to vary with the quality level. For a premium quality essay with a 10 day delivery date, it will cost you approximately $21.99 per page. If you have urgent orders, then you can expect to pay more.
Specific discount deals are also available to help you save some money. Customers who use the service on a regular basis do automatically qualify for discounts. A 5% discount is offered for orders with more than 15 pages. The margin can go up to 15% if you continue ordering more.